Each project for us is unique and our focus is on understanding our client’s needs in order to produce them solutions that are both beautiful and functional

Marina Pavlucenkova Interior Design Studio allows you to decide the level of your own involvement into the project. You may specify the specific bespoke requirements for a single room or to the interior architecture for an entire luxury private property, in both solutions we will make sure that you will feel comfortable.

Our designer, regardless of the style and type of the objects you choose more  classic or super-modern, organizes the project and pay due attention to all the details, from the beginning till the end of the project. For examples of some of our projects, view our interior design portfolio.

Depending on the fact, what is the best for you, your designer will be as involved as you want him to be – consulting, finding sources and managing projects.

The initial consultation is free of charge.  Visit our contact us page to arrange a free consultation with a designer.